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Why rent from Us?

We know how to make your trip enjoyable and hassle free.

What Sets Hawkes Canoe Rental Apart From the Rest?


Service and Guidance

The Hawkes Family has been renting canoes and other watercraft for over 30 years.  We know how to make your trip enjoyable and hassle free.  Jeff prides himself on knowing where to canoe during all four seasons.  Setting you up with canoes is only the beginning of our job; we’ll show you where to go, tell you where the fish are biting, and help you with any other questions you might have about your trip.


Large Variety

Hawkes Canoe Rental has a very large selection of canoes to choose from.  We have the ability to supply canoes and trailers to the largest groups down to the one person getaway.  Because of our large fleet, we almost always have canoes available for whatever accommodations you have.


Lowest Prices

With a price of $15 – $20 per canoe per day, we know you won’t find a lower price.  Especially when you add up the extras: paddles, life jackets, trailer, and service.  Don’t forget to ask about our group and week-long rates.