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Our Fleet

Our canoes are dependable, stable, maneuverable, highly predictable when waters are not, roomy, deep, wide, and capacity to hold over 1,000 pounds safely. You will love them!

Our Canoes

Experience the quality and safe comfort of our Old Town Discovery Canoes. Our canoes are well suited to your camping and extended touring trips on quiet waters or lakes. Old Town builds canoes that are dependable, stable, maneuverable, and highly predictable when waters are unstable. Each canoe is roomy, deep, wide, and has a capacity to hold over 1,000 pounds safely. Our canoes have good initial stability when they are empty, and great secondary stability when they are loaded with weight. You will love them! In addition to our quality canoes, we offer five different trailers to fit your needs. Whether you’re taking a solo trip down the river, or you’re taking a whole troop of Scouts to Shoshone Lake for 5 days we’ve got the setup for you.

We recently added small kayaks and paddle-boards to our selection. Ask us about them for your next trip.

Our Trailers

All you’ll need is a hitch with a 2″ ball to pull any of our trailers. We have a variety of light adapters to fit your vehicle.

Rent any number of canoes and we’ll find a trailer to fit your needs.

2 Canoe Trailer

The small yet versatile two place trailer is made for one or two canoes.  It is perfect for a one person trip up to a four person getaway.  The trailer has room for all of your equipment and supplies and is small enough to pull behind virtually any vehicle. 

6 Canoe Trailer

The larger, family-sized six place trailer is perfect for a family weekend getaway.  This trailer can hold up to six canoes and has a large storage area in the center that can hold everything from coolers to paddles.  Because this trailer is made for six canoes, loading and unloading is a breeze.  Call us today to reserve this trailer for your trip. 

8 Canoe Trailer

Our eight place canoes trailer is designed to hold up to eight canoes. Many groups prefer our eight place trailer.


10 Canoe Trailer

If you’re taking a reunion-sized group to your favorite destination, the trailer to use is our gigantic ten place outfit.  This trailer is very sturdy and will pull behind any larger-sized vehicle.  The trailer comes with everything you will need including a large storage box to aid in hauling life jackets and paddles.