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Use straps with a slightly wider diameter than that of the umbrella pole. Deck Stair Railing Code Height. It was bolted down to the metal railing, so we didn't need to do any cutting,. Or, consider having a … I love this railing. This is popular because it is one of the most inexpensive types of metal stair railing. Railings with the knuckles ,I got the big uns.. The black railing is about as simple and modern as you would be able to find to replace it. A few coats of interior oil-based or high-quality enamel paint update your handrail without the need for extensive sanding or chemicals. Don’t demolish — distract the eye by updating small details, Take your staircase to the next level with these 13 ideas, Take your bathroom from drab to fab without getting out the sledgehammer or racking up lots of charges, When it comes to creating extra room, a mezzanine or loft level can be your best friend, See how 2 work-from-home architects design and build an adaptable space for their family and business, Boost curb appeal and maybe even security with new garage doors. i have a similar one. Use a damp rag (soaking it is a bad idea). The temp solution we plan is to raise up the railing as much as we can to get the nosing in. I heard you have to use a heat gun, is that true? Railings don't get any more simple and classically modern than this. Also, was the wood railing plowed to fit right over the metal railing when you bought it at Home Depot or was this something you had to go and modify yourself? nice clean lines.... mdbowen, I have not yet bought the knuckles, so I don't know what they look like. I haven't actually got around to doing any of it yet. BTW - they also have black oil-based paint in Sharpie pens. Material Matters. 1. We had already reached out locally to see what it would cost to just replace the staircase railing and because of our circle stairs, the price was insanely high. Replacing Your Staircase Gives You So Many More Options. These days "matchy matchy" is out and contrasting your favourite decor style with a sprinkling of something else looks fresher. Advice needed to update dated iron bannister/stair railing. Hi. Would you paint it black? Aug 5th. I used Citristrip. I would like to put a wood hand rail and paint the railing . the 60s were not that bad. I actually like the look of your railing. Old style 1970 stair railing - Hi there- I need help! You can then replace the vinyl with a wooden handrail or leave as is. The rails add solid texture and they embrace the mid century look that never entirely leaves decorating. Once I figured that out it was really easy. If your stairway has balusters, you might want to tighten them as well to complete the stair railing restoration. You would achieve a lot by painting it black as a start. Houzz TV: Seattle Family Almost Doubles Its Space Without Adding On, How to Replace or Revamp Your Garage Doors, Kitchen Evolution: Work Zones Replace the Triangle, My Houzz: Elegant DIY Updates for a 1970s Dallas Home, Houzz Tour: Visit a Modern Update in Oakland. The glue will dry quick so don’t mess around. One last question, where did you buy the rail? Does Anyone know how to remove them? Go figure, huh? We did not prime it - We used a Rustoleum spray paint in black (flat not glossy) from Home Depot. I really wanted the white risers to look like they were wrapping around seamlessly and I’m so happy with how it turned out and the combination of white, wood, glossy black and our beige baseboards. Well worth the PAIN. It seems very dated to me but I’m open to working with it. Handrails, or banisters, give you something to hold onto while walking up and down the staircase, while a stair railing prevents falling off the side of the staircase. The stair railing that is at the top of those stairs can be seen in this photo: My living room recently underwent a major makeover, and so let me show you a more up-to-date photograph from a different angle. Tips For Updating A Wrought Iron Stair Railing Without Replacing It Posted on 20 May 2017 If you have a railing in your home to make it easier for people to walk up the stairs, you likely want to make sure that works as well as possible and looks great. Don’t do anything too curly or fancy. @ctdot Are you painting it with the intention of keeping it or with the intention of flipping and selling? You can depend on wrought iron to stay well-kept throughout the years, since wrought iron is often coated to keep out dirt and moisture. I think, at the moment, we're going to just have it stripped, add the knuckles, then paint the whole thing a satin black. What type of paint do you recommend and application? I think you should paint them first before upgrading them and see how you like it. It’s a little safer and less fumey than normal stripper, but it’s also a little less magical because it doesn’t bubble. Does the entire railing easily remove, as we plan to install hardwood floors. Depending on your budget you could change them or match the upper upper part to your wood floors and paint the lower part white. The wood hand rail was existing, it was just covered up in white paint. @HALLETT & Co.we won’t be changing the stairs (for now). This is what you use to replace the plastic. Creating A Better Home For Your Children, Tips For Updating A Wrought Iron Stair Railing Without Replacing It. Ask an Architect: How Can I Carve Out a New Room Without Adding On? You’ll also need balusters — key players in support for the railing, safety and additional style — and newel posts , the main pillar at … Oh I LOVE it! Bigger question is how are you planning to put hardwood on the floating stairs? There's no foolproof way to make it "disappear" (painting it white was the seller's best guess and if that had worked you wouldn't have noticed the stairs!). Two of them painted all the wrought iron. Did the plastic knuckles stand out as being plastic against metal and look cheap or cheesy? Deck Stair Railing Brackets. Feb 18, 2015 - This banister renovation is for when you have a sturdy railing but your stairs need a facelift -- build a different newel post around the existing post and replace the spindles! Need help updating 1990's golden oak trim and stair railing. I am browsing thru and cannot seem to find it. Update Stair Railing Without Colors. The hole thing cost us about $200.00, and we are very pleased with how it turned out. We initially purchased the paint stripper, but with the thickness of the whte paint that had been applied in the 1980's, it would have taken us the entire weekend to get it off, so we gave in on that part and had them sandblasted. Then we picked out the pieces from Kings, and our neighbor welded the pieces on, and then we sprayed it all with rust-oleum painter touch in semi gloss black. Your staircase might be the last place in your home you'd think to decorate. Awesome! Updating Stair Railing. Anything you add may make it trendy, but will look dated in a few years. Good Luck. This is truly a transformation. ... We are replacing carpet and older laminate on our main floor and would like to carry it down the 2 sets of stairs (bi-level). The other trims will simply be painted white because I plan on painting all the doors a deep blue indigo. Obviously they are glued on. Replace the Banisters. Sometimes stair railing ideas need to blend in instead of standing out. Mint tiles got you feeling blue? Yes, you can update a stair railing without replacing it by refinishing the railing. Start with a thorough cleaning of your railing and spindles. A few of the major styles include: Wood Railings- Wood handrails are a standard railing system that is often utilized inside homes. The 1/2 inch decorative pieces were a little loose, too. Substituting old-fashioned balusters or ranch-style timber railings for a more … I got painters tape the same height as the pieces and attached it to the rails, then fit the pieces over top. cherry and the baluster/iron part is painted off white. We also measured carefully and screwed up through the railing, then glued the screws so everything would be nice and tight. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares some tricks for installing a new, sturdy staircase balustrade. I talked to Luke about the idea of trying to update the stair railing without replacing and he was game to try it. crbj2284 - How did you cut the metal piece off the handrail before installation of wood railing? Then we sanded down the handrails, and stained them with 3 coats of cherry stain, and we were done. Mixing 1980s style and the 60s is not always working. That held them securely enough to make sure everything was in the right place and to glue them without worrying about drips or anything moving. Railings don't get any more simple and classically modern than this. I’m against it as it would highlight it more but my realtor strongly suggests it. If, however, you are increasing the size of the post, the handrails may have to be cut back to accommodate the new larger posts. I am confused by a lot of these replys. I have wrought iron railings with those hard plastic railing tops from the 60s and 70s. The detail at the corners makes a difference. These handrails are definitely older than 20 years, most installed in the 60s. I just received them in the mail and am anxious to get them installed. Step 1 – Start by placing the 1/8″ thick 32″ long pieces around the base of the newel post. First cut the posts close to flush on the deck. Customize the cost with your ZIP Code. not the one where you go to a HD or LOWES and get spindles that you will see in almost all low budget houses ... of course it s my humble opinion. The railings should be done last. Ideas on how to update wrought iron stair railing? When upgrading to a more elaborate or unique design that is the same size, the new posts can replace the old posts without altering the handrails. Then nail them to the post from the outside. Home Depot (and other box stores) sell oak handrails with a fillet (or plow) of wood removed to fit over the metal handrail. Now, I kind of want one of these in my house. between the top and the bottom of the stair railing. It is not so much important for your s That's crazy about a builder buying your house to rebuild :( Bittersweet, but at least you got it sold!! Best to replace the entire railing if you want a wooden top rail. We just unbolted it, and sanded it down, stained it, and put it back. Does it cost more to get it in white? It’s very important to maintain a consistent step height when you install new flooring so you don’t create a trip hazard. Many of our clients ask how they can update their oak trim throughout the house without replacing it all, which can be costly. If you want to give your staircase railings a complete makeover without actually replacing anything, there’s one particularly creating idea you could use and it comes from remodelaholic. I have an old style stair railing- wrought iron with plastic protective covering - picture included. But, there are still those situations where a complete replacement may be needed. Cable Railings- A cable rail is a sleek and modern alternative to traditional handrails. I’d leave it alone. I too have a split foyer with the same exact railings. Thanks so much. Thx. Thanks so much for your replies on this. ), it sold to a builder who never looked inside and plans to flatten it next month to build a mega-mansion. Hiding the wall vent in middle of the wall? Here is the link: You can refinish the handrail and banisters using fresh paint or stain. Because of the way it's attached to the floor, removing and replacing it isn't a good option. My husband used an electric hand sander and each one took about an hour to sand down. Back to: ← Stairs without Railing Design . Nice. I can't wait to show my husband these photos! I am currently going from tiny wood trims to white trims. Maybe just cutting them off carefully would be an upgrade. Think twice.... if you love that second option....go for it but if you want to keep the spirit of the house... dont. Keep it simple. I am looking to do similar with my railing. In addition to the stair railing, you’ll need wall mounted handrail brackets, a package of two-part, 90-second epoxy, and about 4 ft. of 2×4. How can I improve the look? i d rather go with the very first option . I do hope you are right! If you are planning to replace your staircase, you are probably thinking about your options and whether it is important for your flooring and staircase to match. Unless you're going to flip, in which case, may as well leave it white. Hello! You most certainly can remove the vinyl piece covering the top of the handrail. So I felt pretty good ! It is a dated railing and not up to current code as well. Not sure how yet. Save money by replacing a wooden stair railing for $200 yourself compared with $1,048, the cost of hiring a contractor, which includes labor and material. I used Method cleaner to spot clean sticky messes, and just warm water and a few drops of dish soap to clean. Crb, did you paint the wood handrail black? per local building code. Hopefully, crbj2284 will see the question and answer. We took the advice above and went over to King Architectural Metals in Buena Park. I would like to remove them and add a wood handrail on top of the metal rail. We had them refinished last year (cherry tread/white rise), but the 1963 hand rail is still there. In this ocean-inspired home, this white stair railing contributes to the space's airy feel. Thanks for the reminder on this @AP Metal Designs we will have to wait until posession to see what’s under that carpet. Then slip the umbrella pole through the straps until the bottom of the pole rests on the deck. You need a heat gun to warm up the plastic on your railing. Please let me know if you find any more info on this. I don't think you should "update" the railing with decorative clutter. Some ideas (obviously the design isn't exactly the same but it gives you a sense of how it might look painted either flat or in a metal effect):,,,,,, If you pick a couple other statement items that are modernist (think 80s referencing art deco) and mix them in with the rest your your decor it will give the stairs an intentionally curated feeling. It is simple, modern, pristine, and an entirely appropriate color for wrought iron. Okay, I'm going to disagree with everyone. Home Depot. And that, of course, could always be painted over if you want to go back to true wrought iron. It is simple, modern, pristine, and an entirely appropriate color for wrought iron. Please let me know if you find any more info on this. The railing is growing on me but first impressions weren’t great. Ours are on 4" O.C. The old rail can be removed. Please see our page on Stair Treads or our page on Iron Balusters. The next option is stainless steel railing. –. When I did the calculations for where the pieces should go, I put the painters tape on a metal tape measurer at the correct locations, then held it against the vertical pieces so I could transfer the tape. Adding to the existing wrought iron work will only make it trendy. My message was actually for the previous poster's project of restoring the 1960s railing, so I will repost it. Update Stair Railing Without Colors . We have a split foyer, so stairs are the first thing anyone sees. Yours looks more like maybe 6" O.C. The only real question is whether to keep the metal glossy black or maybe switch it for a pewter finish...? How to Update and Utilize Oak Doors, Oak Cabinets, Oak Window Casings, and Oak Floors in a Remodel. :P. @N Eaton thank you! 25 DIY Ways To Update Your Stairs. Clean. A metallic brass paint or tarnished gold could play up the art deco angle in a more subdued/glamorous way: I almost ordered from the link you provided until I read the dimensions and thought the spacing would be really tight. Basically the suggestion here is to cover up the existing posts and to conceal them behind a brand new design. Then put a little hot glue around the bottom of the railing and drop the shoe down to cover it up. Is there any way to give the railing a more modern look... on a budget? Removing that valence as well as possibly replacing an upper cabinet with some shelving, and your kitchen will look brand new, and totally pinterest-worthy! If you want to remove the piece from the cement, make sure the inside of the post is fairly clean and not filled w/ rust and dirt, then with a chisel, (or power chipping hammer) "GENTLY" fold the old post into the hole in the middle, it should loosen up and be able to be pulled out. If not keep blowing heat and peeling off the plastic a bit at a time. Learn more. We still have to find a place to strip them since they've been painted several times, but having seen yours, I look forward to doing mine! Often slate tile/grey metal is paired with wood tones. Thanks! If taking out a baluster, pull it sideways out of the mortise in the tread, then free the top end by tapping it with a hammer toward the top of the stair. Its like $4 per can. I really like a metal look. We are about to list it for sale and are looking to add some appeal to these bland railings. Thanks! Just to give you hope.. It is hard to tell from the pictures. Your railing was probably brought into the house in a few sections and then welded together on site. I will regroup after our floors are in. We are going with stained maple floors.,, Prior to clamping, add Liquid Nails to the edges and added supports on the inside with wood scraps and paint sticks. I will add some knuckles to mine. What a shame! We like to come up with creative ways to accomplish the updating to pull together the look of the house. Because if you upgrade your window trims you kind of have to upgrade your door trims too. Anything you add may make it trendy, but will look dated in a few years. Thanks! To help get it in the right spot, mount several sets of galvanized plumbing pipe straps on the deck posts or railing in key places. the artistic unique one. Put some hot glue onto the end of the baluster, then insert it into the railing hole and adjust it down. Wood stripper. Staining it a dark cherry would be lovely with black, maybe just darken the existing stain with gel stain? I can't recommend this enough! One of the main complaints we get about oak is that there’s just so much of it. How to Refinish your Stair Railing and Spindles. As you can tell from the projects shown above, there are many different types of stair railings. To take it out you’ll probably have to cut it and then have it re-welded if you want to keep it. I ordered the company's catalogue - it's bigger than a metro phone book! Beyond that, when you say "keep part of it," do you mean like you'd want to keep the straight rods and replace the filagree? Maybe it won’t look so bad after all. Personally, I would not paint a wooden handrail. Mine already has wood stained med. Beneath the existing wood and carpet floors you will probably find a base plate with 4 screws. What would you recommend we do with this railing? :). Any suggestions how to put new wood hand rail on top of what we have here . I am only upgrading the baseboards. i would not make drastic changes and risk to loose what probably goes with the style of the house. I would like to remove them and add a wood handrail on top of the metal rail.`` Didn`t receive any replies so I found out how to do this on my own. Hi Patrick, I have the same ugly plastic railing tops. Deck Stair Railing Code Requirements. BTW I remember watching a designer saying exactly the same thing. The sandblasting alone was $125.00, so if your railings are already black, your in great shape and should be able to do this for under $75.00. More anxoius to get the house on the market though! I’m dying to update the lighting in the stairwells and entry. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. That's not very feasable. We received a message from a local real estate office asking if we would send them our photos for their newsletter. I added the wooden rail cap, and I added the decorative pieces. I've had designers, contractors, agents, etc., look at it, and everyone was amazed that it wasn't "original" to the railings. I think it turned out pretty well. In the places where it was a little loose we used a filler. Found this photo and it's quite nice without it. Just goes to show you can never tell. It's very 80's. I will browse these and look for inspiration. Thanks crbj2284 , I appreciate your reply! I'm not sure we'll do the wooden railing top. I agree with Feeny. If anything, I'd consider painting a dark bronzy color that might pick up a little light. Go Light. Another fantastic way to spruce up a traditional or modern staircase is by bringing … Patti. The killer to me are those globes. We got quotes to replace them with wood railings and balusters but at over $3000, I feel that is money I would rather spend somewhere else. which I would think makes a big difference in appearance. Simple is classic. The rail cap actually fit fairly well. Especially if paired with a pop art wallpaper/artwork and a modern light fixture. Of course, a tremendous bang for your buck can be obtained without a complete staircase replacement. What a difference. Need to speak with a representative, please contact my wife Gina Burke. In April 2016, I posed the question: I have the same ugly plastic railing tops. Have been doing some more looking. LOL How did you do the wooden rail cap when you have a curved metal rail on top? @ctdot Honestly if you are willing to be creative with paint colours you might learn to love it. It seems like one giant piece though so how do we install hardwood floors? (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Now you have to let it dry. Once warmed a bit, you should be able to pull the whole thing off the metal railing. Below are some before and after photos of a … You then drill up through the underside of the metal handrail to attach your wood handrail. The new knuckles stood out until I painted the whole railing with oil based paint, and then it blended perfectly. BTW - after everything we did to get the house sale-ready (and OMG, all the money!!! I would experiment with drawing attention to it rather than trying to hide it. Who knew that you could make one this pretty. [houzz=. Buy enough brackets to install two at the top, one at the bottom and one every 48 in. Super nice people. I am wondering what to do with the wood handrail......the iron would get painted flat black. If it's just for your own enjoyment, I'd get a bunch of samples in colours that go well with your walls and try some swatches out. Lucky you, your house already came with a dramatic contrasting statement piece in the form of your railings. We bought to live here awhile! Find out cost ranges and other important details here, Want maximum efficiency in your kitchen? Any suggestions how to replace them? When building or remodeling a staircase, most homeowners like the idea of matching their staircase with their flooring. I keep looking for decorative pieces to add to plain railing, but I can't find anything. Kim do you know your baluster spacing? We're thinking of taking our railing out...because we can...and have it stripped and repainted, after perhaps adding some dohickies. Deck Stair Railing Connectors. What you have now is timeless. Plus that bay window is gigantic so you will have to figure out a way for the casings and headers not to overlap each other. I made you a before and after to show my hubby! I already have the place for it! There are a few different ways to visually minimize all that oak so that you have an updated, welcoming space without breaking the bank. Take those same cabinets, but update the counters and add some modern knobs, a classic tile backsplash, and some updated lighting, and the entire feel of your kitchen can change. Consider forgoing the old-fashioned triangle in favor of task-specific zones, Paint and Contrast Give Your Stairwell Some Contemporary Dash, Patiently mastering remodeling skills project by project, a couple transforms their interiors from outdated to truly special, See how a "hacked together" home became an urban neighborhood jewel,,, 8 Ways to Spruce Up an Older Bathroom (Without Remodeling), 4 Easy Ways to Renew Your Bathroom Without Remodeling. We are so happy that so many people like it, and appreciate the positive comments. You are able to create an extension of the personal likes inside decoration, together with ornamental elements of wood, flat iron and other material an easy task to install that may increase the associated with your home at the same time. Hi Kim Caminiti - Do you have a link of the decorative pieces you used? See pics below. Whether removing an intact baluster or replacing a missing one, first pry the end cap off the tread. Pure white, black or nearly primary colours would look pretty cool in an Andy Warhol, pop art style.

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