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Red-Faced Suncheek (left) and Red-Faced Pineapple (right) Green Cheek Conures. The only problem, you cannot control the outcome colors from babies. $400. Scientific Name: Pyrrhura molinae. Green Cheek Conure Baby Care. One of the smaller Conure species, the Green Cheek Conure measures around 10 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tailfeathers. The amount of red can vary so that a Dilute Cinnamon with a lot of red can actually have more red than a Suncheek with a low amount of red. They need a varied and healthy diet to keep their feathers glossy, their minds active and generally make them happy. At the end of February, they start laying. Name Mango; Species Green Cheek Conure; Ad Type Adoption; Gender Female; Age Young; Size Small; Hatch Date Jun 6th 2020; Ad Number 579660; Ad Created Oct 30th 2020; Last Update Sun Conures Red Factor Sun Conures Dusky Conures Brown Throated Conures Crimson-Bellied Conures The NEW Red Factor “Dominate Red” Green Cheek Dilute Green Cheeks It has a pastel color plumage with a silver head and platinum color tail, dark eyes, feet, and beak. The bird is genetically a Yellow Sided, Cinnamon, American Dilute Green Cheek Conure, which no one that's not in to genetics will ever ask for and is therefore a very unpopular name. The American Dilute is apparently a diluted color phase of a Green-Cheeked Conure. These birds are NOT hybrids! 3. In the wild they survive less because of natural predators. Dilute Yellowsided split turquoise male $570. Therefore, since Turquoise , Cinnamon, Yellow-Sided, and American Dilute Green-Cheeked Conure colorations are mutation colors and cannot be created through breeding. Add a footnote if this applies to your business. Vegetables and fruits should be part of a conure’s daily diet. For those who have just started picking up a liking for pet parrots, a green cheek conure counts as a great choice. This is a good bird for children and adults. Cinnamon Green-cheek Conure. Small aviculturist that only focuses on Conures at the moment. Clean their water in a daily basis, especially in summer as bacteria can grow easily in warm and hot temperatures. 1 female Dilute Yellowsided 550- sold. The chest feathers are greyish and the tail feathers are grey. May 10, 2016 - Explore Melissa Brouillette Normandin's board "Green cheek conure" on Pinterest. Cinnamint Green-cheek Conure, aka Dilute Turquoise Cinnamon Green-cheek Conure, Combination of Dilute, Turquoise and Cinnamon mutations. Expect to pay a minimum of $200 to $250 for this mutation even from a normal breeder. The prices listed may have typographical errors and prices are subject to change without notice. Clutch Size: 3-6 white eggs; but average 5 eggs, Incubation: 23 days from the date the female stay the whole time in the nest, usually this happens after she lays her third egg; from that time you count 23 days. Pineapple Turquoise Conures: Moon Cheek and Dilute Yellow-Sided: Suncheek Conures. This video is unavailable. Turquoise Yellow-sided Green-cheek Conure. Green cheek conure have different color mutations; some of the mutations include; cinnamon, yellow sided, turquoise, misty, pied, dilute. Dilute Yellow-sided Green-cheeked Conures. Recessive mutation that causes reduced psittacin pigments (less yellow and red). dilute mutation: the bird’s plumage is pastel with brighter colored wings, suncheek mutation: it combines the characteristics of opaline, cinnamon and dilute. 1. 1 male Dilute Yellowsided - 550. Watch Queue Queue White beak , ruby eyes, a bright yellow breast, a red tail that just pops out of the yellow, and a light lime back. Green-Cheeked Conures eat similar things regardless of it they’re in the wild or a pet. Green cheeks are energetic creatures, so keep an eye on your bird at all times. Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-free water, changed daily. Highly intelligent, social creatures, the other features of Green Cheek Conures are: They are playful, affectionate and intelligent, known as having a “big personality in a small body”. Comparing Turquoise Cinnamon on left with Mint on right. Dilute Green-cheek Conures. Green cheek conures (Pyrrhura molinae) are very social and intelligent birds. Scientific Name: Pyrrhura molinae Origin: South America Relative Size: Small 90-100 grams Average Lifespan: 15 – 25 years.. Pet Aspect: The Green-cheek Conure is a popular parrot to keep.This is mainly due to their natural characteristics such as being cuddly, playful, and outgoing. They can perform tricks . Skeeter X Hank Turquoise variations of Green Cheeks Not yet available. Turquoise Cinnamon Green-cheek Conure. Yellow-sided Green-cheek Conure with intense red color achieved through selective breeding. Turquoise Cinnamon vs Mint Green-cheeked Conure. Cinnamon Conure– This sex-linked color mutations of green cheek conure has an overall … Mervin Faul . They originate from Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.They are about 10 inches from head to tail and have personality of a larger species of parrot or conure. Address Iowa, LA 70647 Species We Breed; 0 Available Birds; 4 Reviews; Photos; Conures. 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I am not open on Fridays or weekends! Dilute & Suncheek Green Cheek Conures Available for Reservation. What Color is My Conure? The plumage is mostly blue-green and green. The other method is by DNA testing; you just need to collect some blood drops or feather samples and send it to any avian lab. Pineapple Turquoise Conures Moon Cheek and Dilute Yellow-Sided : Suncheek Conures. This Bird list is updated weekly, but with Birds selling daily, we suggest you call the Lake Forest location at 949-472-3962 and ask for Gloria or Kim for current availability. This Is A Diluted Version Of The Yellowsided Conre. Turquoise Yellowside Green Cheeked Conure … These are the most common color mutations and by pairing them up the way i explain above will help you to understand how each color mutation was made. Other colorations, such as the Sun-Cheeked, were created through breeding existing mutation colors together. Sun Conures: Normal & Red Factors; Green Cheek Conures: Normal, Turquoise, & Dilutes; Crimson Bellied Conures. We use commercial Cockatiel mix and Small Hookbill Mix  and added commercial pellets to suit their needs but if you can mix all  together will be better. Origin: They are found in South America, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. Mooncheek Green-cheek Conure. American Dilute Green Cheek Conure. He is wearing a seamless leg I'd band he is a DNA male. Hatched in June - better suited to be a breeder than a pet. 05 Sep. Green Cheek Conure. They are not loud compared to other parrots and conures. This way I  can control the color mutations I will end up with. Free Shipping . Beautiful Lime Green To Yellow Feathers. Do not feed birds avocado, fruit seeds, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol as these can cause serious medical conditions. It has dark eyes, a dark beak, dark feet, yellow breast, dark orange-red abdomen, silver-grey crown, and a lime-colored back. Dilute green cheek conure Cinnamon dilute green cheek conure This is a Crimson-bellied conure (Pyrrhura p. perlata) named Jabber she is one of our breeding hens.The crimson comes from parts of Brazil and the amazon in South America.They are still on the rare side as far as breeding goes and are about the same size as a green cheek conure but a little stockier. Green-cheeked parrots can live to 30 years with proper care, though the average lifespan is typically 10 years due to owner neglect. Combination of Dilute and Cinnamon mutations. Green Cheeks make wonderful PETS! Yellow sided Green Cheek Conure is a sex-linked mutation responsible for the spread of the yellow and red pigmentation. They will be available soon and posted to our mailer when they are. The fact that is less noisy than most other parrotsand more affordableadds to the appeal. Comparing Suncheeks (two birds on left) with Dilute Cinnamon (two birds on right). Listed Below are the Dominant, Sex -Linked and Recessive mutation's of Green Cheek Conures Watch Queue Queue. Combination of Turquoise and Cinnamon mutations. This includes apples,grapes, many garden vegetables such as spinach, watercress, field lettuce, poppy,chickweed, dandelions, carrots, corn on the cob, peas, endives and sweet potatoes.

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